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ArthroGreen feed supplement for dogs, cats 700 g

ArthroGreen feed supplement for dogs, cats 700 g

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cdVet ArthroGreen feed supplement for dogs, cats

Arthrogreen Vet

feed for dogs and cats For the needs-based feeding of joint-sensitive dogs and cats

An optimal supply of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and selected herbs supports the physiological organ functions and metabolic processes that are necessary for an optimal function of the joints and the musculoskeletal system

The purely natural dietary supplement cdVet ArthroGreen was specially developed to support various types of connective tissue (cartilage, tendons, ligaments, intervertebral discs, synovial fluid). Due to the very high content of New Zealand green-lipped farmed mussels (30%), the product has been significantly improved. The New Zealand green-lipped mussel consists of a unique combination of active ingredients and naturally stabilizes the supporting and connective tissue and also promotes the formation of synovial fluid. In human medicine, it has long been used for joint and connective tissue problems. Their effect has been proven here through years of practical experience and scientific research. cdVet ArthroGreen also contains the minerals, trace elements and vitamins,
The specially formulated herbs can avoid muscle problems and maintain the stability and tear resistance of the collagen fibers. This can promote the well-being and performance of the animal. Joint and connective tissue weaknesses can be genetic as well as result from insufficient supply or overload. Often a combination of these factors is involved.

cdVet ArthroGreen feed supplement for dogs, cats Composition:
30% New Zealand green-lipped farmed mussel frozen. separated, ginkgo, grape seed extract, devil's claw, nettle, field horsetail, sea buckthorn, spirulina

cdVet ArthroGreen feed supplement for dogs, cats Content of natural ingredients:
crude protein 30.2%, crude fat 5.16%, crude fiber 11.7%, crude ash 11.9%, phosphorus 0.494%, calcium 1.22%
synthetic additives per kg: NO

cdVet ArthroGreen feed supplement for dogs, cats feeding recommendation:
Cats: ½ measuring spoon, small dogs under 10kg: ½ to 1 measuring spoon, medium dogs (10 - 35kg): 1 to 2 measuring spoons, large dogs over 35kg: 2 to 4 measuring spoons (1 measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 1g)


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