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APTEO CARE Baby powder 100g, children's backpacks, kids backpacks

APTEO CARE Baby powder 100g, children's backpacks, kids backpacks

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  • Children's backpacks, kids backpacks. Baby powder. APTEO CARE Children's backpack is a product that protects against the formation of abrasions and burns. Absorbs excess moisture and acts astringent and dehumidifying. It helps to soothe irritated skin.

Talc, zinc oxide, adipic acid.

Action: The
product is in the form of backfilling for children. The components contained in it are responsible for the protective effect. They protect the sensitive and delicate skin from the formation of abrasions. The backfill contributes to the effective absorption of excess moisture. Prevents the formation of painful sore. Contains zinc oxide with astringent and desiccating properties. Helps to soothe and soothe irritations on the skin. This product can be safely used in babies and children without irritation. It is easy and convenient to use.

Backfill should be used in the daily care of sensitive and delicate skin of infants and children. Recommended for prophylaxis of painful abrasions and abrasions, especially for diaper rash.

Apply externally. After thorough and gentle cleansing of the skin (during the change of the diaper) sprinkle it with a small amount of backfill. Repeat the operation several times a day.


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