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APTEO CARE Baby diaper x 55 pcs, baby diapers

APTEO CARE Baby diaper x 55 pcs, baby diapers

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  • Baby diapers. APTEO CARE Hygienic baby diapers allow for thorough and thorough hygiene of the ears. They allow the removal of accumulating wax, while preventing too deep insertion in the ear.


APTEO CARE Baby diaper is a medical device with high quality of workmanship. It was created specifically for the safety of children. It has a cotton head with a specific shape that prevents the insertion of the ear stick too deep. This allows the ear and ear canal to be thoroughly cleaned and protected from the formation of a wax cork. APTEO CARE Hygienic sticks are designed for outdoor use.

Sticks should be used in children (also in adults) as part of ear hygiene. Recommended for removal of accumulating wax.

Apply externally. Clean the stick carefully in the baby's ear and gently clean it. Dispose after use (disposable product). Use as needed.


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