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ANTISCABIOSUM 25% emulsion 200 g scabies rash, treatment

ANTISCABIOSUM 25% emulsion 200 g scabies rash, treatment

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Scabies rash, treatment Antiscabiosum ® 25% for adults emulsion

Active ingredient: Benzyl benzoate. Field of

Scabies rash, treatment application:
For the treatment of scabies in adults, as a less toxic agent, as an alternative to sufficiently investigated antiscabiosa.

Contains cetostearyl alcohol and propylene glycol. Please note leaflet.

As at: 01.2021

For  scabies rash, treatment information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Antiscabiosum ® for scabies,  scabies rash, treatment
The reliable and safe therapy for the whole family.

Scabies is on the rise!
For a long time it was considered almost extinct and is now spreading again - the scabies, also called scabies in technical terms. It is an infectious skin disease caused by the female itch mite (Sarcoptes scabiei). After being fertilized by a male, it begins to drill tunnels into the upper layers of the skin of the human (who, by the way, is its only possible host). The female not only lays her eggs in these tunnels, but also leaves her feces behind, which puts our immune system on alert. The skin reacts, becomes inflamed and the typical symptoms occur: eczema with redness, blisters and pustules, severe itching, which can appear unbearable, especially at night, and fine curved lines in the skin - the visible mite ducts.

Just no false shame!
The scabies is highly contagious and the transmission takes place from person to person with direct contact of more than 5-10 minutes - a mere handshake is fortunately not enough for an infection. The scabies is often associated with unsanitary conditions and neglect. However, this is wrong, because there is a higher risk, especially where people come close together, e.g. B. in kindergartens and schools, in residential and care facilities or quite simply: in your own family! Therefore, if a family member has been diagnosed with scabies, it is usually advisable to treat all other close family members at the same time.

Antiscabiosum - the reliable therapy for the whole family!
Antiscabiosum is a pharmacy-only drug that is available without a prescription and contains the active ingredient benzyl benzoate. The emulsion, with which the entire body must be rubbed on for three consecutive days, has both a scabicidal and ovocidal effect, ie it reliably kills both the mites and larvae sitting in the upper layers of the skin and their eggs. Antiscabiosum is available for children and babies from 1 year (Antiscabiosum 10% emulsion) and also for adults (Antiscabiosum 25% emulsion) - and is therefore the ideal scabies therapy for the whole family!

Your advantages  scabies rash, treatment at a glance:
  • The reliable & safe scabies therapy for the whole family
  • Has an anti-parasitic effect, ie it reliably kills mites, larvae and eggs
  • The active ingredient benzyl benzoate is not a pesticide, ie Antiscabiosum is less toxic than other comparable anti-scabies
  • Obtainable without a prescription from the pharmacy, ie no additional doctor's visit necessary


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