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ANIMAL MOOR SonnenMoor vet.

ANIMAL MOOR SonnenMoor vet.

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NATURMOOR SonnenMoor for animals

Supports digestion and the immune system

Moor naturally contains the following ingredients:
water, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium 0.012%, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum. Organic loss on ignition on dry matter: 98.81%. Inorganic residue on ignition: 1.19%. Total humic acids: 21.3% in dry matter. Contains approx. 60% moor.

Analytical components:
water 95.1%, dry matter 4.9%, crude fiber 1.4%, crude protein 0.6%, crude fat 0.1%, crude ash 1%, N-free extra substances 2.7%.

Feeding Instructions:
Instructions for use: Please read carefully! Natural mud for animals is a purely natural product, without chemical additives, can be used on any type of animal. Natural mud is administered to animals with bran, drink, beet pulp or water. The dosage depends on the size of the animal.

Feeding instructions:
Bees: 20 ml once a day;
Small animals such as dogs, rabbits, cats, etc.: 20 ml once a day;
Guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, etc.: 10 ml once a day;
Poultry such as chickens, ducks, etc.: 40 ml once a day;
Small poultry such as parrots, canaries, etc.: 1x daily 10-20 ml;
Young animals (pigs, sheep, goats): 15 ml twice a day;
Pigs, sheep, goats: 30 ml twice a day;
Calves: 2x daily 45 ml;
Cattle: 2x daily 375 ml; Small horses up to 150 cm withers 350 ml per day; Large horses 750 ml per day.

Warnings Any
odor after opening does not affect the quality. Store out of the reach of children! Shake or stir before use! Protect from frost and heat! Free from preservatives. Made from high-quality moor from the Leopoldskroner Moor near Salzburg, approved according to the SBG. Healing Precautions & Health Resorts Act 1997.

After opening, store tightly closed and protected from heat.


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