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Gloves Nitrile Ambulex powder free non sterile size S x 100 pieces

Gloves Nitrile Ambulex powder free non sterile size S x 100 pieces

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  • Gloves nitrile. Latex-free Gloves Nitrile non sterile powder free nitrile Ambulex mandatory tool for medical staff performing diagnostic or therapeutic treatments. They are made of nitrile, a material that is stronger than latex or vinyl.

Gloves Nitrile Operation and use:
Recommended for use during testing, including the use of contaminated material or contaminated. Surgical gloves are made of durable nitrile, which is characterized by high strength and resistance to damage - cut or puncture, that does not decrease with the passage of time. Gloves are coated on both sides with a polymer that gives them slip to facilitate their establishment. The area at the ends of the fingers has a "non-slip" surface, which guarantees a secure grip tools. The shape of the glove is universal. The pack has a special color designation help distinguish between sizes. Ruler on the box will adjust the size. You can also use gloves when performing household chores.

Additional information Gloves Nitrile:
The product does not contain latex.

Gloves Nitrile Method of use:
Use as intended.


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