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Allergy Symptoms - ALERBON x 30 capsules

Allergy Symptoms - ALERBON x 30 capsules

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  • Allergy Symptoms- ALERBON is a product characterized by a natural composition, which is responsible for alleviating the symptoms of allergy tract and skin (caused by eg. Pollens of grass, trees or chicken mites).

Oil of black cumin, a component of the shell (gelatin, glycerol).

1 capsule contains:
Oil of black cumin 500mg

The product ALERBON belongs to a wide group of antiallergic supplements intended for oral use. It characterized by the natural composition - includes black cumin oil which has the properties corresponding to the alleviation of symptoms associated with allergies or food, which are caused for example. Pollen of grasses, trees, and dust mites.

It is recommended to use the product in the case of food allergies or skin.

Take orally at a dose of 2 capsules at the beginning. X 2-3 / 24. With noticeable improvement to limit the dose to 1 capsule. X 1-2 / 24.Start using the product for about 7 days before the expected onset of symptoms of allergy to grass pollen and trees.


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