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ADVANCE COSMOPOR dressing 10cm x 6cm x 25 pieces

ADVANCE COSMOPOR dressing 10cm x 6cm x 25 pieces

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  • Cosmopor advance. ADVANCE COSMOPOR dressing is a unique product, which protects the wound and effectively absorbs exudate and moisture. It accelerates the healing and allows the skin to breathe.

A medical device in the form of the dressing is characterized by an innovative embodiment. At the time of its production technology was used DryBarrier® which effectively prevents the formation of a favorable environment for bacterial growth. Allows exudate absorption and moisture from the wound, while preventing them from escaping to the outside. The dressing has three layers, which guarantee an optimal wound healing. Its use does not block the natural function of the skin and water-vapor permeable
and air. It is equipped with rounded corners, which prevents the dressing from curling. Polyethylene has a mesh which serves as a contact layer. As a result, it prevents adherence of the dressing to the wound. The package contains 25 pieces of dressings size of 10 cm x 6 cm.

- Hypersensitivity to product components

It is recommended to use a dressing for the treatment of wounds and injuries of small sterile dressing, eg. During the first aid. Mainly indicated for wounds with a very high degree of exudate.

used topically. After gentle and thorough cleaning of the wound dressing should be carefully replaced.


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