ADAPTIL TRANSPORT Spray for dogs 60 ml

ADAPTIL TRANSPORT Spray for dogs 60 ml

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ADAPTIL ® Transport Spray, ADAPTIL TRANSPORT Spray for dogs

helps your dog to stay relaxed while driving and traveling

ADAPTIL ® Transport offers a suitable possibility to help dogs on the journey or when they visit the vet. Simply spray the spray in the carrier or in the car 15 minutes before you lead your dog there. ADAPTIL ® Transport can also be sprayed onto loungers , toys or leashes for additional comfort.

It helps to get used to driving a car and has been shown to reduce already existing, stress-related behavior in the dog, such as salivation, vomiting, restlessness, barking and yowling during transport.

The most important thing about ADAPTIL ®Transport spray at a glance:
• Non-medicinal help for dogs to feel good during transport
• Reduces signs of stress in dogs
• Relaxed, scientifically proven
• Recommended and developed by veterinarians • Available
in two sizes
• ADAPTIL ® Transport helps for approx Hours.

The ADAPTIL ® Transport Spray can be sprayed directly on:
• berths
• transport boxes
• or in the car.

ADAPTIL ® Transport is available in two sizes:
• A 60 ml bottle contains approx. 50 applications (with approx. 8 sprays per application).
• A 20 ml bottle is designed for approx. 16 applications (with approx. 8 sprays per application).

How does ADAPTIL ® Transport work?
Mother bitches communicate with their puppies via a natural messenger substance that is released into the ambient air: "relaxation messages", which science calls dog appeasing pheromones. This odorless messenger substance can only be perceived by dogs and neither by other animal species nor by humans. These “relaxation messages” give dogs of all ages a strong feeling of security and security.

ADAPTIL ® Transport sends these “relaxation messages ” so that your dog feels safe and comfortable in stressful situations.

Relaxation through ADAPTIL® Transport is scientifically proven.

ADAPTIL TRANSPORT Spray for dogs Composition:
Analogue of the dog relaxation pheromone 2%
isopropanol qs

20/60 ml How do I use the ADAPTIL ® Transport Spray?
Shake the spray bottle.

Give 8 to 10 puffs on objects or facilities (car, transport box, kennel) 15 minutes before the dog is brought into the appropriate environment.

ADAPTIL ® Transport helps for approx. 4 to 5 hours. Spray objects, such as the trunk or transport box, again after 4-5 hours, e.g. when driving for a long time.

The ADAPTIL ®Transport Spray can be sprayed directly onto berths, baskets, transport boxes or in the car or kennel. Please make sure the dog is not around while spraying. Please let the sprayed object (pillow, transport box, etc.) dry for at least 15 minutes before giving it to the dog.

The ADAPTIL ® Transport Spray should not be sprayed directly onto or near the animal.


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