ADAPTIL JUNIOR collar for puppies 1 pc

ADAPTIL JUNIOR collar for puppies 1 pc

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ADAPTIL ® Junior Collar, ADAPTIL JUNIOR collar for puppies

ADAPTIL ® Junior is the product solution that helps your puppy feel good and makes it easier to raise your puppy.

Puppies experience a variety of challenges - from separating from the mother dog, the first car trip, new impressions and situations as well as learning the rules of the new family.

ADAPTIL ® Junior is the product solution to give puppies security and security from the first nights in the new home until the end of the socialization phase. It makes it easier for your pup to settle in, learn, and raise a balanced, relaxed member of the family.

The most important thing about ADAPTIL ®Junior collar at a glance:
• Adjustable collar for puppies up to approx. 15 kg
• For puppies with a neck circumference of up to 37.5 cm
• A collar lasts up to 4 weeks
• Put the collar in place from the day of adoption until the age of 6 months on
• scientifically proven
• by veterinarians recommended and developed
• the non-drug aid to feel good for puppies and to facilitate their training and development
• Helps your puppy in learning and getting used to his new environment

How does Adaptil ® Junior?
Mother bitches communicate with their puppies via a "natural messenger substance" that is released into the ambient air: "relaxation message" (scientifically referred to as dog appeasing pheromones). This odorless message of relaxation can only be perceived by dogs and neither by humans nor by other animals. These “relaxation messages” give puppies a strong feeling of security and security.

ADAPTIL ® Junior conveys these “feel-good messages ” in order to make your puppy feel good while exploring his world and learning the rules of the game in a new life. This is how ADAPTIL ® Junior helps your puppy to feel just as comfortable in your family as it does with its mother.

ADAPTIL ®Junior makes sure that your puppy is comfortable, gives him confidence during the adoption and settling-in period, as well as facilitating development and training.

ADAPTIL ® Junior is recommended from adoption up to the age of 6 months. ADAPTIL ® Junior should be worn by the puppy without interruption. It should be replaced with a new collar every 1 month.

With ADAPTIL ® Junior your puppy knows that he is part of the family.

Use ADAPTIL ® Junior to help your puppy in the following situations:
• First trip to the new home: put the ADAPTIL ®Junior collar even before the trip from the breeder to the new home.
• Nocturnal yowling: Many puppies react to the separation from the mother dog and the new environment with yowling in the first few nights. ADAPTIL ® Junior gives your puppy a feeling of security in the first few nights. Your puppy will sleep through the night faster and cause less nocturnal restlessness.
• Staying at home alone: ​​Many puppies react stressed and whimpering to the absence of the owner. Get your puppy used to staying alone for a short time at an early stage. ADAPTIL ® Junior gives your puppy security and relaxation.
• Unfamiliar situations: The new environment with unfamiliar impressions and situations can unsettle the puppy. ADAPTILE® Junior helps puppies to react more relaxed to unfamiliar situations and to get used to them faster.
• Learning new rules: whether house training or leash training in the first few weeks, your puppy has to learn many new rules in your family. ADAPTIL ® Junior supports him in this and promotes learning success.
• Socialization: Socialization is a crucial development phase and takes place between the 6th and 16th week of life, depending on the breed. If your puppy has no or negative experiences during this time, these will shape him for life, fears and undesirable behavior can arise. ADAPTIL ®Junior helps your puppy to perceive the many new stimuli in a positive way and supports the development of a well socialized dog.

ADAPTIL JUNIOR collar for puppies Composition:
Analogue of the dog relaxation pheromone 5%
Other ingredients: qs 1 collar 100 g


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