ADAPTIL CALMING collar for small dogs 1 pc

ADAPTIL CALMING collar for small dogs 1 pc

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Helps your dog to stay relaxed and comfortable indoors and outdoors.

The ADAPTIL ® Calm collar offers your dog constant support and wellbeing. Therefore, the collar is the first choice for stressful situations outside the home and helps your dog to calm down and feel more comfortable in these situations.

Use the ADAPTIL ® Calm collar and help your dog to stay relaxed:
• during loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms)
• in fearful situations outside the home
• when staying in the kennel
• during training or in the dog school
• Remaining alone (for dogs that spend most of their time outside)

The most important information about the ADAPTIL ® Calm collars at a glance:
• Available in two sizes
• For dogs of all ages
• Sufficient for 30 days of use
• Developed and recommended by veterinarians
• Odorless and safe in use
• The non-medicinal aid for dogs to feel good in stressful situations
• Ideal for at home and on the go

The ADAPTIL ® Calm collar is available in two sizes, both of which can be adapted to the circumference of your dog's neck:
• Small dogs up to approx. 15kg (for a neck circumference up to 37.5 cm)
• Medium-sized / large dogs with a weight of up to approx. 50kg (for a neck circumference up to 62.5cm)

An ADAPTIL ® Calm collar helps for four weeks and can be replaced if necessary.

How does ADAPTIL ® Calm work?
Mother bitches communicate with their puppies via a natural messenger substance that is released into the ambient air: "relaxation messages", which science calls dog appeasing pheromones. This odorless messenger substance can only be perceived by dogs and neither by other animal species nor by humans. These “relaxation messages” give dogs of all ages a strong feeling of security and security.

ADAPTIL ®Calm sends these "relaxation messages" so that your dog feels safe and comfortable in stressful situations.

The relaxation through ADAPTIL ® Calm has been scientifically proven.

How do I put on the ADAPTIL ® Calm collar?
• Place a finder in the plastic
loop on the inside of the collar near the buckle • Use the loop to pull off the thin plastic to unwind the collar
• Close the collar in a wide position
• Pull it over the dog's head it rests loosely on the neck
• Carefully pull the collar tighter until it rests loosely on the animal's fur - but not too loosely
• Make sure that the collar is properly closed.
• Cut off the protruding part of the collar. There should be no more than two fingers between the collar and the neck.
• Check the fit of the collar regularly. It must be in permanent contact with the dog's neck.

The mother dog's pheromone is released into the surrounding air almost immediately after it is put on. The collar will not work if it is wet. As soon as it is dry again, it can be used again.

If your dog is wearing another collar, you should ensure that the ADAPTIL ® Calm collar is in direct contact with the dog's fur. Please note that the ADAPTIL ®Calm collar no leashes should be attached.

The use of the ADAPTIL ® Calm collar is not recommended in cases of hyperactivity or aggression. The ADAPTIL ® Calm collars are suitable for dogs of all ages.

ADAPTIL CALMING collar Composition
Analogue of the dog relaxation pheromone 5%
Other ingredients qs 1 collar 100 g


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