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Abdominal belt universal Teresa "22" W x 1 piece, ab belt

Abdominal belt universal Teresa "22" W x 1 piece, ab belt

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  • Ab belt. Abdominal belt universal Teresa "22" S protects operated place on the abdomen, making it easier to navigate, as well as giving a sense of security for example. Coughs. It relieves pain on degenerative diseases.

cummerbund universal Teresa "22" S is a product, which is used after abdominal surgery allows you to move freely, and also protects operated the case of coughing or laughing. It strengthens abdominal muscles during physical activity and supports the daily effort. We strongly reduces the risk of postoperative hernia and protects existing hernia before their augmentations. Positive effect on the condition of the patient after surgery, while increasing its sense of security. Soothing pain annoyed with degenerative diseases. It prevents cooling. Abdominal belt universal Teresa "22" S fit for people whose waist circumference is 80-90 cm. Its width is 22 cm.

Use a belt with a history of abdominal surgery, and in the case of abdominal hernias (eg., Umbilical), degenerative diseases - inflammatory arthritis and sciatica.

How to use:
Apply externally. After choosing the appropriate size (by measuring the circumference of the abdomen), set up carefully belt. Place it in a way to cover the abdomen and lumbar section - cross. Velcro closure should be at the front. The belt should be washed by hand.


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