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2be Slim x 60 tablets

2be Slim x 60 tablets

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  • 2BE Slim is a natural formulation in the form of tablets in a day and night, which helps in reducing body fat and causes a visible loss of excess weight. Regulates metabolism and accelerates the breakdown of lipids and sugars.

1 Tablet of 2be Slim : extract from the beans 200 mg, L-carnitine tartrate 200 mg, green tea extract 125 mg, of algae extract 50 mg extract of guarana 50 mg, coffee extract 50 mg vitamin B6 1,4mg, ginger root 100 mg; Table 1. overnight: chromium 40 mg, bitter orange extract 100 mg, artichoke extract 75 mg, 200 mg spirulina extract, horsetail 50 mg, nettle extract 50 mg extract of 50 mg Cinnamon extract 100 mg pear fig.

The preparation 2be Slim belongs to the broad category of complex dietary supplements. It combines the properties of many natural ingredients. It characterized by a biphasic action - Phase I and Phase II day at night. It supports the process of weight reduction, since it limits the concentration of glucose in the blood and stimulates the burning of fat (also at rest). It suppresses appetite and reduce the absorption of lipids. Supports the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates so contributes to the apparent loss of excess weight. In addition, energy and relieves symptoms of fatigue, increasing the efficiency of psychophysical organism.

This product is intended for use by people who care about the figure, in order to support the process of weight loss.

- pregnancy
- breast
- Hypersensitivity Components of the formulation

Take 2be Slim oral administration. It is recommended to use 1 tablet. pink in the morning and 1 tablet. blue evening (during eating).


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