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Natural vitamin c 100% left-handed x 90 capsules

Natural vitamin c 100% left-handed x 90 capsules

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  • The body is not in a position to produce vitamin C, and if you do not deliver it in the appropriate amounts in food, necessarily accept every capsule dietary supplement 100% natural vitamin C.

Extract 15: 1, bitter orange (Citrus aurantium L.) standardized to 40% of natural vitamin c, the extract 15: 1 seed buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) standardized to 40% of natural vitamin c, magnesium salts of fatty acids (anticaking agent).

The content of the ingredients in one capsule (recommended daily allowance): extract 15: 1, bitter orange (Citrus aurantium L.) standardized to 40% of vitamin C - 400mg, including Vitamin C - 160 mg extract 15: 1 from the seeds of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) standardized to 40% of vitamin C - 100 mg, including vitamin C - 40 mg. One capsule performs 250% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

Included in the dietary supplement natural vitamin c comes from two sources - germinated buckwheat and powdered bitter orange. Natural origin Vitamin C is a remarkable advantage of the preparation. And what exactly is needed vitamin C? Firstly, it supports the immune system and the nervous system and reduces fatigue and tiredness. Secondly, it is important for the protection of cells, proteins, lipids, DNA from oxidative stress. Thirdly involved in the production of collagen, which is essential to the function of bone, teeth, cartilage, blood vessels and the gums. Fourthly, it increases the presence of iron intake and the effect on the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E.

Dietary Supplement 100% Natural Vitamin C left-handed for use to supplement the diet with vitamin C. The product for adults.

Additional information:
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Protect from light and moisture. The formulation does not contain gelatin, gluten, casein, salt, preservatives, sugar, yeast, ascorbic acid synthesized forms. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The capsule is made of cellulose.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the supplement.

Recommended daily dose: 1 capsule. Take the capsule with water. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Net weight: 54,45g (90 x 605mg).


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