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Ovulation test LH x 5 pcs | LH test

Ovulation test LH x 5 pcs | LH test

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  • Precise determination of ovulation can be very difficult, especially in the case of irregular menstruation. The LH ovulatory test is used to detect the LH hormone in the urine with a concentration equal to or higher than 40mIU / ml, which allows to determine the fertile days in the cycle.

Pregnancy planning facilitates the LH ovulation test, which helps determine the most fertile days in a woman's cycle. This is possible because the test detects elevated levels of LH in the woman's urine. A positive test result indicates that ovulation will most likely occur within 24-36 hours. The product detects a hormone whose concentration is equal to or higher than 40mIU / ml. The test is very simple to do, just dip the strip in the urine and wait a few minutes.

LH ovulation test designed to detect human LH hormone at a concentration equal to or higher than 40mIU / ml in urine and to determine fertile days.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is not recommended to perform the test from the morning urine, because it is more concentrated, which may falsify the result.

Directions for use:
Immediately before testing, open the foil packaging and remove the test strip by grasping the upper part so that it does not touch the rest of the test. Let the bar dip for 10-15 seconds in the urine to the height of the marked line, taking care not to exceed it. After this time, remove the strap and place it on a level surface. Observe the movement of the urine sample through the test zone T and the control C on the strip. Wait for the appearance of colored stripes. The test result should be read after 5 minutes, if there is no band on the test, wait another minute. Do not read the test result after more than 10 minutes. In case of an ambiguous result or lack of band on the test part of the test, the test should be repeated.


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