TICSTER ambient spray, spray ambiente 1X250 ml flea beetle control

TICSTER ambient spray, spray ambiente 1X250 ml flea beetle control

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TICSTER ambient spray flea beetle control:
For comprehensive flea control.

Suitable for places where fleas-infested pets stay and where they like to lie, such as carpets, dog and cat baskets, blankets or places to sleep and rest.

TICSTER ambient spray flea beetle control Application:
The application must not be carried out on animals! All animals must be removed from the room prior to treatment. Except for the person using the product, no people should be in the room.

Remove food, pet food and eating utensils from the room where the product will be used. Aquariums must be covered airtight, otherwise the active ingredients can get into the water.

Before treating sensitive materials, furniture and surfaces, a small test for compatibility should be carried out in an inconspicuous area. It is advisable to vacuum carpets beforehand and to dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag directly, as fleas can survive in the vacuum cleaner bag.

TICSTER ambient spray flea beetle control Ingredients:
The active ingredient combination of permethrin and pyriproxyfen ensures immediate and long-lasting protection for up to 24 weeks. Permethrin kills flea eggs and larvae. Pyriproxifen acts as an insect growth regulator, which blocks the biological development of the flea larvae and thus prevents the flea from developing into an adult flea. So this is an ideal combination to quickly and effectively contain flea infestations in your rooms.

TICSTER ambient spray flea beetle control Tips after use:
Cats and dogs must not lick off areas that have been treated with the ambient spray and are still damp!

After the treatment, leave the room and ventilate well.

After about 1 hour of exposure time, the room can be re-entered and the pets can be let in again.

TICSTER ambient spray flea beetle control Questions and Answers
How long does Ticster ® Ambient Spray work ?
Up to 24 weeks / 6 months against flea eggs and flea larvae. So you can "defend" your rooms all year round with just 2 applications.

Can I combine Ticster ® Ambient Spray with other products?
Yes, you should. Because you also have to prevent replenishment, which is why it makes sense to treat your dog once a month with Ticster ® Plus Spot-on and your cat with Ticster ® Spot-on.

When are fleas killed?
The effect starts immediately.

I have cats, can I use the spray as it contains permethrin?
Permethrin is only toxic in high doses. Ticster Ambient Spray contains only a very low concentration of permethrin, as this dose hits the flea directly. It is therefore not toxic to your cat when used as directed. DO NOT spray directly on the cat! Make sure that you wait at least 1 hour until you let your animal near the treated areas again and that they have dried off.

Use biocidal products carefully.
Always read the label and product information before use.


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