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ORTHOVET Imun Dog Para Powder

ORTHOVET Imun Dog Para Powder

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ORTHOVET Imun Dog Para Powder 115 g

Anti-allergy, anti-viral and anti-diabetology preparation.


Supplementary feed for dogs ORTHOVET Imun Dog Para Powder


Feeding Advice:
Feed dogs up to 5% of the daily ration.


Recommended ORTHOVET Imun Dog Para Powder daily dose:

60 kg dog: about 3 level measuring spoons
40 kg dog: about 2 level measuring spoons
20 kg dog: about 1 level measuring spoon

Close the can after use!

Commercial form:
Can 115 g powder
can with approx. 150 capsules

Extruded linseed, calcium carbonate, black cumin, cinnamon powder, cat's claw (Uncaira tomentosa), dandelion herb powder, papaya, evening primrose oil powder, garlic powder, feverfew, mistletoe herb, algae powder 

Analytical components:
crude protein: 12.8%, crude fibre: 8.6%, crude oils and fats: 11.8%, crude ash: 22.5%

Additives (per kg):
Nutritional additives:

vitamin E (3a700): 17,000 mg, L-carnitine (3a910): 34,000 mg, zinc (as zinc chelate of the hydroxy analogue of methionine, 3b6.10): 2,400 mg 


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