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MUSTARD POWDER organic, mustard benefits

MUSTARD POWDER organic, mustard benefits

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MUSTARD POWDER organic/kbA 1000 g, mustard benefits


mustard benefits:

May offer protection against certain diseases
  • May protect against certain types of cancer. ...
  • May lower blood sugar levels. ...
  • May protect against psoriasis. ...
  • May reduce symptoms of contact dermatitis. ...
  • May offer protection against infections.

What are the benefits of eating mustard?

Mustard is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin C and many of the B-complex vitamins. There are several health benefits of mustard for the body like relief from muscular pains, ringworm, and respiratory disorders and also helps in treating cancer and diabetes.

A new study (opens in new tab) presented at the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) has revealed that a heaped teaspoon (10g to be exact) of wholegrain mustard eaten everyday can help you achieve healthy blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels.

Mustard is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which are proven to improve risk factors for heart attacks, such as: reducing blood pressure, raising HDL ('good') cholesterol levels, and reducing arterial plaque and inflammation.

Mustard is an excellent kidney friendly diet condiment. So many seasonings and condiments are loaded with fat and sodium. One teaspoon of yellow mustard contains only 25 to 65 mg sodium.


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