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Milk thistle essential oil, native organic

Milk thistle essential oil, native organic

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Milk thistle essential oil, MILK THISTLE OIL native organic/kbA 250 ml

Manufacturer: NaturKraftWerke
Article name: MARIENDISTELÖL native organic
Quantity: 250 ml
Dosage form: Oil

Milk thistle essential oil benefits:

Milk thistle may help strengthen a person's immune response. It could help the body fight off infection as well as reduce chronic inflammation produced by the immune system. Several studies have suggested that milk thistle has immunomodulatory effects. Researchers found silymarin stimulated the immune system.

Although milk thistle is most often used for liver conditions, such as hepatitis and cirrhosis, the herb is believed by some to prevent or treat high cholesterol, diabetes, heartburn, upset stomach (dyspepsia), hangover, gallbladder problems, menstrual pain, depression, and even certain types of cancer.

The oil is extracted from the ripe seeds. It contains essential fatty acids, sterols, anti-oxidants and Vitamin E and is useful for cosmetics. It is nutritive and protective for the skin and has traditionally been used as an aid to liver function.

If you're taking milk thistle for acid reflux, bloating, or other similar stomach issues, then it is generally recommended that the best time to take milk thistle is around half an hour before a meal.

Milk thistle may help to promote healthy skin. A 2015 study found that it helped to improve inflammatory skin conditions when applied to the skin of mice. Researchers also found in another study that milk thistle had antioxidant and anti-aging effects on human skin cells in a laboratory environment.


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