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Microdot glucometer x 1 piece

Microdot glucometer x 1 piece

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Very easy to use The Microdot Glucometer provides fast and accurate blood glucose measurements. It is a device that allows you to obtain the necessary information from a minimum blood sample. In addition, it has a memory function and an average calculation.

Included Microdot glucometer:

Blood glucose meter with battery, test strips, control solution, user manual, case.

How the Microdot Glucometer works:

A device for measuring blood glucose levels. The Microdot glucometer is extremely easy to use (requires the use of a minimum amount of blood), the secure button allows you to easily remove the test strip. The device is equipped with a large internal memory (you can also add other information to the memory, such as the date and time of insulin administration), a clear display, and a sound signal confirming the correct measurement. Conveniently, there are four programs to remind you to take the morning and evening tests, as well as the option to calculate averages from 14 days. The meter turns on and off automatically, you can also use the micro-USB cable to transfer data from the device to your computer.

Microdot glucometer recommended for use as a device for regular blood glucose monitoring.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light.

Technical data:
Sample size: 0.6ul. Measurement time: up to 10 seconds. Calibration: suitable for plasma. Measurement range: 20-525mg / dL. Hematocrit value: 25-55%. Units: mg / dL or mmol / L. Memory capacity: 500 measurements. Power supply: 1 lithium battery 3V (CR2032 or equivalent). Number of measurements on one battery: approx. 1500 measurements. Dimensions: 65mm x 85mm x 16mm. Working conditions: permissible temperature: 10 ° C-40 ° C, permissible humidity: 20-90%.

How to use the Microdot Glucometer:

Use as intended. Before the first use, read the instructions for use.


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