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LUPINE FLOUR demeter, What is lupin flour made from? What is lupin flour?

LUPINE FLOUR demeter, What is lupin flour made from? What is lupin flour?

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LUPINE FLOUR demeter 300 g

Lupine flour Demeter

What is lupin flour made from?

It's made from ASL lupin bean, a high-protein, high fibre, low-carb legume vaguely related to soybean and peanut. For decades, lupini beans (Bitter Lupinus Albus) have been pickled and eaten whole in the Mediterranean regions.

What is lupin flour?

Lupin flour, made from lupin beans, originally made waves thanks to keto dieters as it became a quick alternative to traditional wheat flour. Lupin beans hail from the legume family and are related to the peanut, with similar benefits including high levels of protein with minimal levels of carbohydrates.
The sweet lupine consists of high-quality vegetable protein and is particularly suitable for vegetarians, vegans and athletes. It has a high protein content (41%) and plenty of fiber (32 g / 100 g). The sweet lupine contains all 8 essential amino acids and is gluten and cholesterol free. Lupine flour can be eaten raw and thus offers a unique opportunity to quickly absorb high-quality protein. But lupine flour is also a friend in the creative wholefood kitchen for pancakes, baked goods of all kinds, soups, sauces, dressings, shakes, smoothies and as a binding agent.


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