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LECITHIN 1200mg x 100 capsules

LECITHIN 1200mg x 100 capsules

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LECITHIN is a preparation that positively affects the functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems. It improves memory and concentration. It protects against falling vital forces and regulates cholesterol levels.

LECITHIN Composition:
3 capsules contain: Phosphatidyl Choline (polyunsaturated phosphatidyl choline) - 540 mg, Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine (polyunsaturated aminoethanol) - 430 mg; Phosphatidyl Inositol (polyunsaturated nistiol) - 330 mg

LECITHIN acts on the basis of natural ingredients that build all types of plant and animal cells. It plays an important role in most of the biological processes (from breathing through energy production to neurological transmission). A deficiency of lecithin in a daily diet may contribute to the weakening of the nervous system's immunity and decrease in vitality. The product contributes to the normalization of LDL. It improves concentration and improves memory. Increases the efficiency of muscle tissue. It positively affects the functioning of the liver and the circulatory system. LECITHIN is in the form of capsules that do not contain sugar, gluten or preservatives.

LECITHIN Contraindications:
- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the preparation

It is recommended to use the preparation to supplement the daily diet with lecithin, especially to improve the functioning of the nervous system (eg memory, concentration), cardiovascular system and to regulate the level of cholesterol in the body.

Dosage: To be used
orally. It is recommended to take the preparation in a dose of 3 capsules x 2-3 / 24h.


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