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  • INCIDIN FOAM is a ready to use product for cleaning and rapid disinfection of medical equipment and a variety of surfaces. Foam Foam Incidin contains several active ingredients, including glukoprotaminę, the product shows a broad spectrum of action.

100 g of the preparation contains as active ingredients: 2-propanol - 20 g ethanol - 10g benzyloalkiloamonowy chloride - 0.2 g, glukoprotamina - 0.01 g.

The use of Incidin Foam is made easier by dispensing in the form of a foam. The foam is ready for use, does not require additional dilution. It can be used for cleaning surfaces and medical equipment, including surface vulnerable to the effect of alcohol. The mechanism of cleaning and disinfectant from interactions of the product contained in the active substances. Scope of the bacteria (also Tbc), fungi, viruses (osłonione all viruses, including HBV, HCV, HIV), the virus Vaccine, Adeno, Papova, Rota. Foam works quickly, leaves a pleasant lemon scent.

A medical device Incidin Foam foam intended for use in the disinfection of medical equipment (eg. Beds, armchairs treatment), medical equipment, surfaces contaminated with organic substances, the surface of touch (e.g.. Tables, countertops).

Additional information:
aldehydes. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. The packaging does not contain freon.

Method of use:
Use as intended. From a distance of about 30 cm spray the surface of the undiluted product. It is recommended to use approximately 40ml / m2. After spraying wait for 1-10 minutes, then wipe with a paper towel.


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