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HAIR WONDER colour and care dye 5.5 Mahogany 100ml

HAIR WONDER colour and care dye 5.5 Mahogany 100ml

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  • Hair Wonder colour and care is a line of hair dyes that provides long-lasting and thorough coloring and in-depth care of the hair structure. The composition contains ingredients of natural origin, including argan oil, keratin and provitamin B5.

Does not contain ammonia, parabens. Enriched with 9 proven natural ingredients (Strączyniec, Czerwonokrzew, Chmiel, Argan, Green tea, Melissa, Chamomile, Ginseng, Rosemary)

Hair Wonder colour and care Mahogany hair dye is a guarantee of durable, rich color and professional care during dyeing. HairWonder formula combines 9 unique ingredients that strengthen and care for hair, thanks to which hair after coloring is nourished, moisturized and shiny for many days. Safe paint for allergy sufferers and people with very sensitive skin. Does not contain ammonia, parabens.

Hair wonder colour and care are paints guaranteeing permanent and safe coloring without ammonia and substances damaging hair structure.

Directions for use: The
paint should be applied to unwashed, dry hair. If a hair gel or other styling cosmetics have been applied before coloring, wash your hair and dry thoroughly. The packaging contains enough product to dye hair reaching to the shoulders. In the case of longer and thick hair, two packages will be needed. Hair coloring should start with applying to the hair on the tip and the back of the head, then applying the paint on the sides, along the face line and on the ends of the hair.

Exposure time:
Stick on hair 30 minutes. For better coverage of thick, stiff or gray hair, the exposure time can be extended by 5 to 10 minutes.
Before the first use, an allergy test should be performed.


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