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FLUSHING KIT EYE UCP-1 x 1 piece, flushing eyes

FLUSHING KIT EYE UCP-1 x 1 piece, flushing eyes

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  • (flushing eyes) FLUSHING KIT EYE UCP-1 is a medical device that allows purification of the eye of foreign factors (eg. After inviting the eye during the work in the home or on the road).

1 shot, two ampoules of water pro injection (10 ml of sterile distilled water)

The product should be provided for each pharmacy. Thanks to its application is possible to purify the eye included in the foreign matter. The eye is rinsed with sterile distilled water, allowing the removal of external agents that might get into the eye during eg. Household work.

It is recommended to use kit for flushing the eyes gets in your eyesight.

used externally. It is recommended to rinse the glass, for example. Boiled water before you begin. Then fill it with water and the appended ampoules, head tilt and to apply exactly the edges of the glass (while maintaining tightness) to orbit. Then, raise the head, in such a way as to cause the flow of water from a glass and starting the washing of the guest of the eye to remove the foreign body. Flushing the eye during surgery it is desirable to move the eyelids.


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