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FIT-CROCK Classic Lamb Pellets for dogs 2 kg

FIT-CROCK Classic Lamb Pellets for dogs 2 kg

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Fit-Crock Classic Lamm, Lamb Pellets for dogs

Why you should feed your dog Fit-Crock Classic Lamm:
When someone sees the Fit-Crock Classic Lamm Chunks for the first time, the reaction often follows: "Are the horse treats?" We deliberately have such a large chunk shape chosen. The dog is a looper; with the large chunk shape you get the dog to start chewing. This in turn cleans the teeth (the chunks are very solid).
Fit-Crock Classic Lamm is not pre-digested dry food (like many other, also expensive types of food). The food breaks down into its components in the stomach, the stomach is not overstretched (it does not swell!). Since the feed has to be digested intensively, the intestinal peristalsis is supported and the natural intestinal cleansing is promoted.
Fit-Crock Classic Lamm does not contain any synthetic additives. In this way, the metabolism is not additionally burdened (another cause of a so-called "feed allergy"). Due to the gentle processing of the feed and the high-quality ingredients, the addition of synthetic vitamins and minerals is usually superfluous.
The dog's faeces are much firmer - this has the following advantages: The anal glands are emptied regularly (blockages are avoided) and the faeces can be removed more easily.

Fit-Crock Classic Lamm, Lamb Pellets for dogs Feeding recommendation as main feed:
Fit-Crock Classic Lamm is designed as a basic feed. From a naturopathic point of view, animal nutrition should always be based on several pillars. We therefore generally recommend feeding MicroMineral and DarmAktiv. Small amounts of meat and other suitable fresh foods are often useful.

Fit-Crock Classic Lamm is a purely natural dry dog ​​food. We consciously refrain from adding synthetic vitamins so as not to unnecessarily burden the metabolism. Balanced natural ingredients ensure a broad supply, as well as optimal nutrition in a natural way. The model for us is nature, by which we orient ourselves. The moderate fat and protein content in the Fit-Crock Classic lamb provides an optimal nutritional basis, whereby a performance-related addition of meat in appropriate quantities is well tolerated.

Fit-Crock Classic Lamm, Lamb Pellets for dogs Note on animal feed materials in feed:
The Fit-Crock feed types are declared in accordance with German and European feed law. If the total dry matter content of animal by-products + sea fish is converted to fresh matter, the result is a meat content of approx. 50 - 65%.

Note on the quality of "animal by-products": According to European feed law, the feed materials used can also be summarized in a so-called group declaration. This means that not every single ingredient has to be specified in the declaration. The Fit-Crock feed types contain NO hidden feed materials. From the group “meat and animal by-products” only the specified ingredients are used. This ensures that your dog is nourished naturally with the Fit-Crock foods.
We generally recommend supplementing MicroMineral and DarmAktiv.

Fit-Crock Classic Lamm, Lamb Pellets for dogs Composition:
Maize, meat and animal by-products (13.5% lamb & sheep meal, 5% blood meal, 1.91% beef fat), rice, maize germ, beet pulp, carrots, sea fish meal, molasses, brewer's yeast, milk and dairy products, natural cold-pressed soybean oil, Extracted grape seeds, linseed oil, algae lime, nettle herb, birch leaf, milk thistle herb, dandelion, malt germ, seaweed flour, rosemary

Fit-Crock Classic Lamm, Lamb Pellets for dogs analytical components and contents:
crude protein 19.90%, crude fat 7.20%, crude fiber 3.25%, crude ash 5.50%, calcium 1.20%, phosphorus 0.70%

Fit-Crock Classic Lamm, Lamb Pellets for dogs Feeding recommendation as main feed:
Weight of the dog Daily amount
1 - 5 kg 50-100 g
5 - 10 kg 100-200 g
10-20 kg 200-300 g
20 - 35 kg 300 - 400 g
35 - 50 kg 400 - 500 g
50 - 65 kg 500 - 600 g


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