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DERMENA SET Conditioner 200 ml Shampoo 200 ml Nourishing serum for nails 7 ml

DERMENA SET Conditioner 200 ml Shampoo 200 ml Nourishing serum for nails 7 ml

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DERMENA SET Conditioner 200 ml Shampoo 200 ml Nourishing serum for nails 7 ml
Product description:
Dermena Set: Conditioner 200 ml, Shampoo 200 ml, Nourishing Nail Serum 7 ml:

Conditioner 200 ml strengthens weak and falling out hair, nourishes dry and damaged hair.

- Strengthens the hair,

- facilitates detangling,

- rebuilds the keratin structure of the hair,

- slows down the hair loss process,

- gives the hair smoothness and shine,

- does not burden the hair.

200 ml shampoo ideal for weakened and excessively shedding hair.

- soothing scalp irritations,

- also with concomitant oily hair

- also recommended for hair care after chemotherapy

- inhibits hair loss

- stimulates hair regrowth.

Nourishing nail serum 7 ml: perfect for weak, brittle and splitting nails as well as for damaged nails requiring regeneration.

- strengthens and regenerates the nail plate,

- prevents breaking and splitting of nails,

- restores a healthy look to the nails,

- intensively moisturizes, oils and softens dry and cracked cuticles around the nails,

- has nourishing properties,

- increases the shine and smoothes the surface of the nails,

- comprehensively nourishes and protects the nails and the skin around them,

- has a pleasant fruity scent,

- is easy to apply on the nails,

- absorbs quickly.



The best results are achieved by using dermena shampoo as part of a standard daily (or every other day) hair washing procedure. Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage it carefully until it lathers. Then rinse thoroughly. The shampoo can be used continuously.


dermena conditioner can be used daily. After washing your head, apply a small amount of the conditioner to wet hair and spread it evenly over its entire length. Leave on hair for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Nail serum

Use the serum 1-2 times a day on the washed and dried nail surface and the cuticles surrounding the nail. The tube with a brush enables easy and precise application of the preparation. After application, gently massage the serum into it and leave it to absorb. The product can be used continuously.


Dermena set:

- Conditioner 200 ml

- Shampoo 200 ml

- Nourishing nail serum 7ml


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