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CUBITAN flavored chocolate 4 x 200ml

CUBITAN flavored chocolate 4 x 200ml

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  • CUBITAN chocolate flavor is a nutritional formulation which skomponowanemu through the careful composition contributes to the acceleration of wound healing (eg. Bedsores or wounds).

100 ml contain: 10.0 g protein, 1.5 g arginine, 14,2g carbohydrates, including sugars, 7,1, 1,7 lactose, 0.4 g saturated fatty acids, Na 50 mg, K 150 mg, Cl 80mg, 225mg Ca , P 182mg, Mg 42mg, 3.0mg Fe, 4.5mg Zn, Cu 675μg, Mn 1,3mg F 0,19mg, Mo 19μg, Se 32μg, Cr 13μg, I 25μg, 119μg RE vitamin A, carotenoids 0 75mg vitamin D 1,3μg, vitamin E 19mg? -TE, 10μg vitamin K, thiamine 0,28mg, 0,63mg riboflavin, niacin 3.4g NE, pantothenic acid 1.0 mg, vitamin B6 0,65mg, folic acid 100μg vitamin B12 0,79μg, 7,5μg biotin, vitamin C 125mg, 69mg choline. Osmolarity 500 2mOsmol / l.

Cubitan chocolate flavor to nutritional product having the form of a liquid drink. Complete diet is characterized by a content of substances enhancing wound healing (carotenoids, vitamins C and E, zinc). Into high calorific value (1.25 kcal / ml). It consists of a large amount of protein (casein and whey), as well as the arginine accelerating the wound healing process. The product contains a small amount of fat (only fat LCT). Cubitan is also available in other flavors.

- Hypersensitivity to product components

It is recommended to use liquid within the oral intake of people with difficult by healing the wounds (eg. Pressure ulcers, postoperative wounds).

For oral use. In order to supplement the diet should be taken 1-3 packaging / 24h. The liquid drink slowly (one package should be drunk within 30-60 minutes).


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